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Digital World – Global Digital Marketing News: Thursday 25 February 2016

China consolidates foreign media censorship rules. Also in this week’s update: how to deal with fake followers

Bitcoin, the future currency of global e-commerce?

Bitcoin, the original crypto-currency has been a hot debate since its inception in 2009.

Talking in tongues – culture, language and global digital marketing

Operating multiple digital markets can challenge the most experienced managers. From online consumer behavioural patterns to internet usage and platform engagement, each country can differ greatly. All too often, a company’s approach is to reapply the domestic structure and roll out the same strategy to each target market. Translating content, keywords and ads, replicating digital […]

China online – Asia’s economic tiger

Jack Ma, the founder of China’s biggest ecommerce company – Alibaba Group Holding Ltd – recently announced the next five years will see the most exciting changes in China’s e-commerce landscape. With roughly 220 million online shoppers, the Chinese market is almost double the size of the USA (150 million)1. In addition, e-tailing produced more […]