Our company culture
Oban loves diversity, individuality, talent – and being right near the beach.

Oban works globally out of our head office in central Brighton. We love Brighton. As the UK’s southerly seaside city, it’s a melting pot of creativity and culture and we owe our success to being here. We’ve got a fantastic team of talented individuals who come together to do something completely different in our city by the sea.

Team Oban

At Oban we celebrate diversity, personality and family. Everyone is involved, everyone is equally important. It’s this lack of ego that sets us apart from other agencies.

We realised early on we could create something really special. We celebrate talent, so that’s why we combine a great place to work with the opportunity to try out new ideas every day. We’re always innovating and improving – for ourselves and our clients.

Oban is also a great place to grow and develop. Whether you join as an intern or as one of our multilingual SEO or CRO experts, we want you to be the best that you can be. We offer tailored development programmes and certifications to give you as much as you give us.

Work at Oban

We get to work on cutting edge projects for some awesome international clients and we have fun doing it. Best of all we are a real team. We all pull together to deliver excellence for our global clients.

Oban isn’t just about work, either. From beer o’clock on a Friday at our own in-house bar to a welcome early start to the weekend because everyone completes their timesheets – we believe in being social, too.

Join us and enjoy charity fundraising days, staff outings and regular in-house competitions throughout the year. Our favourites include the great Oban Bake-Off and Obanner of the Month, all voted for by your fellow Obanners.

Get in touch

If you’d like to join this talented family, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.