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Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some of the biggest opportunities in global e-commerce are campaigns centred on local events both traditional and newly emerging. With this in mind, Oban International has launched a calendar that aims to uncover some of these hidden gems from around the world. Events that could help improve your understanding of global markets and provide inspiration for your global digital marketing campaigns.

Did you know? 

* In Mexico, Dia de los Reyes Magos is the day when children traditionally receive gifts? In 2014, the average family budget was 1200 pesos (around $90 USD); and in Mexico City alone, spending amounted to 560 million pesos ($41 million USD)

* Or have you heard of White Day? Often celebrated in Japan and South Korea, men purchase gifts as a return favour to women who gave chocolate in the preceding month. reports that spending can be 15% higher on White Day, the “answer day” to Valentine’s Day

* Singles’ Day, is a celebration day for singles in China that has grown to become the largest online shopping day in the world. In 2014, $9.3bn worth of goods were sold through China’s Alibaba Group shopping platforms alone

At Oban International, we believe that cultural insight connects people to brands. From language anomalies, cultural differences, loyalties, online preferences to likes and dislikes, it’s an innate understanding of putting your target customer at the heart of your digital strategy. Wherever, they are.

To fully utilise the calendar make sure you follow our checklist before creating your campaign strategy:
• Pinpoint how your audience engages with your local website and how to respond to them
• Drive the difference between just responsive to optimum performance
• Localise your marketing messages, using deep rooted market knowledge
• Don’t compromise on your customer’s personal tastes
• Give them what they want. In any country. In any language. At any time

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