Download: Understanding Your New Global Customer

When marketing to an overseas customer, you need to rip up the rule book when it comes to understanding influences on consumer behaviour. This is best illustrated by the difference between German and Japanese consumers. In Germany, price and quality are the most influential factors, while the Japanese most value a high level of customer service.

Often the buyers of a household electrical such as a dishwasher in Germany  might prefer to visit a showroom to see the products before buying. Therefore, online demo videos can help online retailers bridge this showroom gap. Something else to bear in mind in this market is that colour schemes tend to be formal and red denotes a bargain.

In Japan, however, customer service is valued more highly than price and quality of product. The Japanese concept of Omotenashi, described as its unique approach to hospitality, is one reason why customer service is highly regarded.

Kawaii, the concept of cuteness, is another differentiating factor in Japan. Kawaii values innocence, beauty and fun and is used in many areas you wouldn’t expect. Brands add cuteness to their product set by associating it with pastel colours and images of hearts, flowers, stars and rainbows. Even construction guard rails are infused with Kawaii elements.

To fully take advantage of all the opportunities presented by the online global marketplace, you first need to understand how to navigate the complexities of local cultures and their online behaviour.

This report is designed to help you do exactly that.

It’s not intended to be an exhaustive guidebook but the following 10 Things You Need to Know will help you design and develop a global search and conversion strategy that will deliver results.


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