Spotlight: Kezia Bibby, Head of Strategy


My name is Kezia Bibby, Head of Strategy. I head up a research and strategy team who love to investigate opportunities and develop campaigns for our clients, particularly for UX/Conversion, content and social for local markets. We work hard to first understand digital audiences – where they hang out, how they engage with a brand, your website, what their local expectations are and what competitors are doing in each market. Together with SEO, Social, Conversion/UX and Paid Media teams we can understand where opportunities lie and develop integrated campaigns in a way that many other agencies cannot.

  • How and when did you start working in international digital marketing?

I’ve been working in digital marketing for 9 years but really started in international digital marketing when I joined Oban in 2010.  My first campaigns were SEO focussed and EU centred, but I soon delved into Paid Search and have continued to learn more about wider global markets such as Russia and China.  Oban has continued to give me the opportunity to explore conversion, UX, content and social media.

  • What do you enjoy about it?

I love discovering those cultural twists that make significant differences for brands and their digital audiences. It’s great seeing visible improvements through local SEO optimisation, adopting a better localised campaign structure, as well as making PR work for digital markets.

If you want to make a difference in international digital marketing it helps to care about identifying audiences and to be thirsty for knowledge about who these people are and how they tick – you have to be an anthropologist, psychologist, marketer and a creative! With all these skills you can start making websites that align closer with local expectation so that brands can perform better.

Working across cultures and languages is always a challenge. With language it’s true there can be some comedic moments, but it’s all part of the fun of communicating and working in a truly global workplace.

  • What are the biggest challenges you face?

We work in an industry where you have the constant of language and culture crossed with the ever-changing digital world, so thinking how one applies to the other is really important.

There’s only one way to face this challenge and it’s by developing strong relationships with Experts Overseas to talk about local market nuances of culture and language.

  • What would you be doing if you didn’t have a career in international digital marketing?

I like to think I’d be Indiana Jones – travelling the world, investigating foreign countries and stealing treasures.

  • What countries have you visited? Which is your favourite and why?

My plan was just to go travelling in the UK – I just happened to stay here, it has been 9 years so far!  In some ways I guess the reason I settled here is that it’s so much closer to the rest of the world than New Zealand is.

Along the way I’ve travelled Australia, South Korea, Thailand, France, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland and Ireland.

I’m yet to hit Latin America, Japan and China, but they are all on my bucketlist…

  • Outside of work hours, you’ll find me….

Singing with my local choir, playing football, watching movies, planning my next trip or enjoying the beach when the weather is nice.

  • Top 3: Brand, site and item of technology

I spend a lot of time consuming BBC content and podcasts.  I recently become a fan of the Archers (UK transition complete!?)

Love my HTC phone and I couldn’t live without podcast addict to organise my podcasts!