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The Netherlands: a European e-commerce hotspot. A consideration for UK businesses?

With a strong economy and excellent technology infrastructure, the Netherlands is a serious market to consider.

Russia: B2C commerce to increase by 13% in 2017. A market worth exploring?

By 2021, it is estimated that Russia could see as much as £19.5 billion in online B2C sales.

Poland: largest economy in Central Europe. Opportunity for UK businesses?

Supported by a strong economy, Poland e-commerce offering is now catching up with its European neighbours.

Sweden: 1 in 3 online shoppers buy from UK, US and Germany. An opportunity in waiting?

Find out about Swedish consumers online shopping habits and preferences.

USA: Excellent e-commerce opportunity for UK brands. How can your business take advantage?

Get a slice of the growing US e-commerce market with B2C retail sales online topping $396 billion in 2016.

China: B2C online retail surpasses the USA. A burgeoning opportunity for UK businesses

How to take advantage of the $1 trillion Chinese e-commerce market?

Japan: 70% of population now shopping online. How can UK businesses capitalise?

A leader in technology and innovation, e-commerce has been thriving in Japan for the past decade.

India: B2C e-commerce to more than double by 2021. A market to consider for 2017?

What can non-native businesses expect from the Indian e-commerce landscape?

South Korea: e-commerce set to double by 2021. What are the opportunities for UK businesses?

Learn why South Korea is the perfect environment for e-commerce opportunities.

Brazil: e-commerce growth set to double by 2019. Can your business take advantage?

How does Brazil interact with the online world as a nation?

Study: International websites seven times slower than Chinese consumers expect

Oban conducted a research looking at Chinese consumers’ expectations when visiting websites.