CheckOut4Fashion Whitepaper

CheckOut4Fashion: A guide to selling fashion around the world online

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it becomes easier and cheaper to sell clothes, footwear and accessories to consumers in new countries. At the same time, as more people buy products online, the more sophisticated, streamlined and cost-effective the associated logistics become, making it faster and more economical for sellers to reach their customers, wherever they may be.

Our whitepaper, CheckOut4Fashion: A guide to selling fashion around the world online, takes an in-depth look at the fashion industry and the opportunity available to brands willing to take advantage of both the digitalisation and internationalisation of consumer culture.

The document also addresses some of the questions that a fashion retailer must consider before selling their products online to multiple countries. We examine the habits of online consumers, the best way to market your online products in new regions, the different means of getting your products to your customers, and how to look after your international customers after purchase. The information provided should give retailers an idea of the various options available to them and how to choose the best ones for their business.

We also take a deeper look at China, which is predicted to become the largest market on the planet for fashion in 2019. The world’s most populous country also acts as an indicator of worldwide sales of clothes, footwear and accessories in the years to come.

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The CheckOut2TheWorld alliance

The CheckOut2TheWorld alliance is a partnership between Oban International, Salesupply UK, and Infinity Blue. Together we provide clients with the strategy, services and hands-on support required to help your e-commerce company grow internationally. From setting up your marketplace presence, marketing your products in any region and providing fulfilment and customer service solutions, the CheckOut2TheWorld alliance is able to offer a complete solution.

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