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Digital World – Global Digital Marketing News: Friday 27 May 2016

In this week’s update of digital marketing news from around the world: China’s mobile text and voice messaging service, WeChat, introduces Coupon Ads for retailers, Reddit rolls out embed feature to share content across the web and Japan tests live streaming of an 8K resolution video.

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Reddit rolls out embed feature to share content across the web

Reddit, a social news and networking site where members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, have now developed their website and introduced a new embed feature. As a result, Reddit will become far more exposed as users are able to merge content on external sites. Consequently, Reddit will gain more visibility as the social news bulletin reaches a wider audience, making it obtainable and sharable. The drive behind this decision was to encourage stronger relationships between itself, publishers and brands, making it simpler for external sites to add Reddit’s content into their reports and for brands to share promoted posts without difficulty.

WeChatWeChat launched Moments Coupon Ads for retailers

China’s mobile text and voice messaging service, WeChat, have introduced Coupon Ads on their social networking section, Moments. According to China Internet Watch, this new feature allows users to browse the live feed, which has been set up to target specific demographics, offering appropriate deals which may be of interest. Coupon Ads are advertising brands not only with text and images, but also video to catch the attention of its users. Not only are these coupons easy to retrieve, but they can also be shared with friends.


Japan tests live streaming 8K video… over a 5G network

Japanese telecommunications company, Docomo, were the first to test live streaming across a 5G network in a bid to prevent all buffering issues experienced with 4G. The results? It worked perfectly with an 8K resolution video – 32 times greater than full HD. Tech in Asia reports that companies such as Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson are all battling to be the first to invest into telco companies to make the equipment needed for their networks. It could be as soon as 2020 that we see 5G in action globally.

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