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Digital World – Global Digital Marketing News: Thursday 3 September 2015

Digital World is our international digital marketing round up covering social, paid, content and other news with an impact on businesses marketing globally.
In this week’s edition: Google accused of favouring its own properties in search results by the Competition Commission of India; Facebook hits a new milestone; Gaming apps dominate Latin America and email usage on Android rises across the EU.


Facebook hits new milestone with one billion users on a single day

The ‘milestone’ was reached when “1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family”, as stated by Mark Zuckerberg. He also added that this is “just the beginning of connecting the whole world”.
There are currently 3.1billion internet users in the world and on Monday 24th August, nearly a third of all people on the internet logged into Facebook. Dave Lee, BBC North America Technology reporter recently visited Facebook’s headquarters in California to discuss some the projects in the pipeline; “Sure, the US, Europe and India are almost at peak for Facebook. But there are huge gaps – Africa, much of Asia, some of Latin America. That’s where Facebook is focused now’.

Gaming apps dominated downloads in Latin America

In Brazil, mobile games are a big business. More than eight in 10 gamers in Brazil play on smartphones, and mobile gaming revenues in the largest Latin American country are set to reach $202.8 million for smartphone games alone, according to eMarketer. Other research, conducted by Asociación and Trensit, found that among internet user’s ages 7 to 12, 66% of those in Mexico played mobile games, as did 64% in Brazil and 61% in Argentina.

Email opens on Apple devices slow while Android rises across EU

24% of email opens and clicks in the UK are from the iPhone, an 8% decrease on figures from 2014 according to SendGrid. The iPad has also suffered when it comes to email, seeing a 15% year-on-year decline across Europe. Countries which appear to be moving away from using iPhone devices include Slovakia (-38% YoY), Luxembourg (-21% YoY) and the Netherlands (-14% YoY). However, Android is on the rise. Email usage on Android devices has increased by 68% across the EU.


Google accused of rigging search results by India’s competition commission

Google is being accused of favouring its own properties in search results, this time by the Competition Commission of India, Search Engine Journal reports. The Commission is accusing Google of ranking its own websites ahead of more deserving competitors.

In response, Google has said it believes it’s in compliance with India’s competition laws, and regulators around the world have not been able to find satisfactory evidence of any abuse.
“Regulators and courts around the world, including in the US, Germany, Taiwan, Egypt, and Brazil, have looked into and found no concerns on many of the issues raised in this report.”

If Google fails to respond to the Commission by September 10th hearings will be held into whether or not Google is violating antitrust regulations. If Google is found guilty of the accusations, a fine of 10% of their income will be imposed.