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Five international social media myths debunked

While many businesses know they should be thinking about international social media expansion, lots of myths exist around how best to do it.

Chloe McKenna, Social Media Strategist, Oban International, debunks her top five on Econsultancy.

Here is a short teaser….

1. To expand campaigns internationally, you just need to translate them

It is so wrong to assume that social media campaigns can simply be translated and re-posted in other markets in order to grow a global community.

2. Businesses need to use every social media platform

There is a tendency for brands to want to keep on the cutting edge when it comes to social media. The pressure to stay relevant can make it feel as though failing to adopt the latest platform means falling behind the times – but this isn’t necessarily true. Just because one company is using snapchat doesn’t mean it’s right for your business.

3. Strategies can be planned months in advance

While it can be useful to map out social media activity in advance for known marketing events or seasonal celebrations, it is important to keep some flexibility and ensure resources are reserved for creating reactive content as well.

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