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Head of Conversion, Joe Doveton joins the IAB Future of Data panel

This month, the IAB UK is hosting a seminar on The Future of Data and Oban’s Head of Conversion, Joe Doveton, joins the panel of speakers.

Titled ‘The Fluid Future – how data and personalisation are transforming design’, Joe explores the impact data will have on design and development.

With the increased take up of technologies like Angular Javascript and JSON and site side optimisation tactics such as CRO and personalisation, brands are increasingly building customised experiences for their users based on data. This inevitably disrupts the old web development lifecycle and will throw old processes on the scrapheap. But who owns this “fluid future”? And what does it mean for brands, advertisers and creative teams? In this session, Joe argues that businesses will live or die on their ability to introduce data into the creative decision making process, and introduces you to the world of real-time design.

Studies have shown that the wealth of data available to us will grow at an exponential rate. The panel of speakers will not only look into the future of data and give us insights in to what they will see happening next year and beyond, but also will reflect on what happened last year and what is still working for us in the present.

Joe has more than 17 years industry experience, working alongside a number of high profile brands including STA Travel, Manchester United, Vodafone, Sony and Panasonic. His area of expertise ranges from traffic driving disciplines (online advertising sales, ad planning and buying, ad networks, SEO & PPC) to site-side optimisation (web analytics, usability, conversion, AB and multivariate testing). Regularly speaking at conferences world-wide on all facets of digital marketing, his ‘know-how’ on online consumer behaviour is second to none. Editorial credits include UX Magazine and I Gaming Business Magazine to name but a few. Moreover, Joe wrote a chapter on cultural conversions for the renowned CRO industry bible ‘Landing Page Optimisation’ by Tim Ash (2012).


When: 5pm Tuesday, 9th December, 2014

Where: IAB Offices, London

Interested in attending? Book online now