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Infographic – Shopping & paying: what apps are popular, where?

We surveyed our unique Experts Overseas in 35 countries to find out what shopping apps and paying apps they prefer.

Over the last 13 years, we have recruited, trained and managed digital marketing experts from over 100 markets, covering more than 50 languages. They are local specialists in SEO, content, PPC and social media, and valued members of our team working to rigorous best practice guidelines and processes.

Our survey results revealed PayPal is the preferred method of payment whilst 30% of respondents have never downloaded a shopping app. Our infographic showcases the most popular app stores across 35 countries and the top 3 favourite global shopping apps used by our Experts Overseas.

It’s not surprising that payment through PayPal, Debit and Credit cards were most preferred but more surprising 5% of users prefer to pay Cash on Delivery. Is this a payment method you offer your international customers? If not, you could be missing out on potential orders.

Our survey also showed us that surprisingly Apple is not the most used app store, with 65.8% of our Experts Overseas using Google Play to purchase apps. There are over 130 countries supported by the iTunes App and Google Play stores and from an international perspective it pays to explore international app store and promotion opportunities.

Outside of the “Big Two” app stores you should also consider local market mobile service providers, smartphone manufacturers and search engines which have app purchase and download offerings. Some of these include:

  • App China with 30 million users
  • Tencent App Gem 80 million users
  • Yandex as a primary App store in the Russian market which opened in 2012 offering 40,000 apps
  • T-Store serves the South Korean market
  • Appacity for targeting French specific audiences

If you’re thinking of creating an e-commerce app ensure that you have a web presence in local languages to support your app in market. If you are investing in app installs, it is important to attain organic search visibility. You will need to consider your domain strategy and geo targeting for local markets.

Browsing app stores is still the number one way in which users discover apps so it pays to cover your basics by researching keywords, creating great localised and optimised descriptions, app titles, screenshots, demo videos and app icons.

App Survey Infographic