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Mother’s Day around the world

Mother’s Day is a $20 billion holiday in the US. Related searches start rising roughly a month in advance with search habits varying by gift category. In 2014, the peak sales window came five days before Mothering Sunday, with the preceding Saturday also seeing a huge rise in sales.

Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide and is celebrated with unique traditions from country to country. We take a look at how different cultures celebrate Mother’s Day.

The concept of celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May is very new in India, being celebrated for just under a decade.

Globalisation has helped spread the popularity of this foreign event to the culturally diverse country of India. Interestingly, it is widely celebrated during multiple and existing traditional festivals, too.

In Mexico, Mother’s Day or Dia de las Madres is celebrated on the 10th of May every year. Mexicans have a fixed date for celebrating this special date, unlike Americans who celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. reported in 2014 that between 20 to 30% of Mexican consumers would check online before considering a physical store for Mother’s Day gifts. Meanwhile, visits to health, beauty, home and fashion sites can increase by as much as 20%.

People send presents to their friends and family members who are mothers themselves in order to celebrate the entire concept of motherhood.

Israel celebrates Mother’s Day on Shevat 30 of the Jewish calendar which is normally between January and March. This day is now known as Family Day and is a time when the whole family comes together and celebrates.

Mother’s Day is the second largest gifting holiday in Brazil behind Christmas, with the average spend per person roughly £112 per head.

Mother’s Day takes place each year on May’s second Sunday. In Japan, it is traditional to give your mother a red carnation – a symbol of purity and sweetness.

Global e-commerce

This hugely popular e-commerce day is estimated to be worth more than £400m to the UK retail and greeting cards industry alone.

Rakuten Affiliate Network reveal that this year could be a ‘Mobile Mother’s Day’ after 2014 saw the number of orders from smartphones increase by a whopping 169%, while orders from tablets increased by 57%.

This is not surprising with 30% of the global population using the internet on a mobile phone in 2014, while 22.9% used a smartphone.

According to eMarketer, the number of new mobile users worldwide was up 5.5% from 2013 and is forecast to climb another 4.7% in 2015. These figures highlight the increase in consumer confidence when making purchases on these devices.

Did you know shoppers do not wait more than four seconds for a page to load? Make sure your mobile website and apps are ready to offer a great shopping experience. Ensuring your site loads quickly and is device responsive is essential.

Mark Haviland, MD Rakuten Marketing Europe states:

“We saw sales rise by a quarter year on year in 2014. But with mobile growing so fast too, that affection is coming as we multi-task, so brands have to be fast and nimble to get the right offers to loyal sons and daughters wherever they are. We don’t have to wait till we get home/to the office; we can act on the move and that’s how many of us are shopping these days.”

Tips to increase your global e-commerce sales this Mother’s Day

Carry out some research and identify products that will appeal to your target customers as Mother’s Day gifts. Create a category specifically for them – accessible from your homepage

Send an email campaign a week or two in advance reminding your customers that Mother’s Day is fast approaching and highlight your gift ideas

Consider including promotional offers with an expiry date. Limited deals create a sense of urgency and encourage potential buyers to make a decision

Launch a campaign across relevant global social media networks. Remember different markets have different platform preferences and usage. Take into account the different dates Mother’s Day is celebrated globally and share your product offerings on each country-specific social network. This will increase your engagement with fans and widen the community around your brands

Mother’s Day is celebrated on various dates around the world, ensure your logistics can support the influx of online orders. Bad service is never a good way to build long-lasting relationships with your global customers