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New Kids on the Blog – International Social Media in 2012

Last week, Baidu followed in Google’s footsteps by launching a social media driven recommendations feature for its search engine.  According to, Baidu users can now rank search results with a thumbs up. The feature is similar to Google’s +1 rating system and is also linked to social bookmarking site Baidu Share. Launched last summer, the social bookmarking site allows visitors to share content to different social networking services, including Sohu Microblog, Renren, Kaixin001, Tencent Qzone, Pengyou, Sina Weibo, Taobao’s Tao Jianghu, and Google Buzz.

China Internet Watch underlined the fact that the beta is limited and runs only on keywords that relate to search engine brands. Following the example of Google, Baidu is using its notoriety and the brand’s success in order to push Share to more users.

Controlling 78% of the search market in China, it is no wonder that Baidu is looking to strike deal with Mark Zuckerberg who is still trying to find a backdoor to the biggest internet market.

Moving the focus from China to Russia, microblogging enthusiasts welcomed the Russian-language multimedia platform Futubra, launched officially in mid-January. This service is combining social and media features in which users can read each other’s news headlines as media.

Futubra has a very similar look to Twitter and presents a timeline with images and videos that arrive in the stream expanded. The design of Futubra allows usage on a range of operating systems, so apps for iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows phones are expected to arrive soon.

In a press release, Alexey Terekhov, head of Futubra projects, said that the social media platform was created for people that are “active, really into new technologies, everything mobile and a way to always be at the center of events”. However, for now Futubra remains in beta and is relying on user feedback to work out its future shape.

What do you think is going to happen in 2012? Is Facebook going to succeed in its pursuit to hit the jackpot on the Chinese market and are the Russian Twitter users ready to move to Futubra?

This article was written by social media professional Denisa Caciulan.