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Oban client trip a corker

December 11, 2013 Company News

Oban’s recent client trip to Reims, Champagne saw client representatives from several businesses enjoy fine French cuisine, Oban’s 2014 strategy presentation, industry discussion and, of course, a moderate amount of bubbly.

Conscious that a blog from Oban about how great our client trip was may be a little too self indulgent, our client, Jack Lockyer, Digital Marketing Manager for Chapman Freeborn kindly stepped in to provide an insight into the trip from a client’s perspective, thanks Jack! 

In Jack’s words:

Conversation flowed swiftly and naturally. In a matter of minutes we had steamed through topics such as brightonSEO, the ‘not provided’ issue, development of Bing’s search experience and of course Champagne.  The Eurostar pulled into Gare du Nord in the middle of a downpour, and so began the brief dash to the TGV led by Oban’s own Pauline Aufrere. Before we knew it, we arrived in Reims in the heart of the Champagne region, ready to begin our tour.

Our private coach took us to the Vilmart Champagne house where we were welcomed by vineyard owner and fifth generation champagne master – Laurent Champs. The tour began with a look at Laurent’s champagne press, a titanic contraption that boasts an air-free pump to keep the grape juice from being tainted by the oxygen around us.

We were then led down into the house’s seemingly endless cellar, stacked wall to wall with thousands of bottles of readying champagne eventually to be shipped across the world – some will find themselves lining the shelves at Selfridges, London.

After the tour came the tasting. A delightful experience made richer with Laurent’s deep passion for the subject. We tasted various different grape varieties and mixes from pinot noir to chardonnay, learned that the correct way to open champagne is NOT with a sword and were each given a complimentary bottle to take home. My gratitude goes out to both Oban and Laurent for such an interesting experience.

Dinner that evening consisted, naturally, of more champagne and some fantastic food. We then found a small bar in the centre of Reims where we sat together enjoying cocktails discussing the day gone by.

The next morning we gathered in the hotel lobby ready to head out for lunch and a conference put together by Oban’s Digital Content Manager Matt White. Needless to say there were a couple of sore heads that morning but the spirits were still exceedingly high! Lunch was great and Matt’s presentation was fantastic, we are planning a Google hangout to go through Q&As in the near future.

A brilliant trip with a lovely group of people, I can’t wait until the next one!

So there you have it, a great insight from Jack into the trip. Oban is pleased to report that the Google hangout did take place, going back through the presentation and answering questions related to changes in the industry, and Oban’s reaction. The hangout also covered topics such as integrating SEO with other marketing channels, tracking success and understand the lifetime value of quality content.

If you want to find out more about Oban’s 2014 strategy please do get in touch.