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Oban International kicks off 2015 with Econsultancy training course

January 21, 2015 Company News

Oban International, the UK’s leading international digital marketing specialist, kicks off 2015 with a fast track ‘International SEO/PPC & Digital Marketing Training’ course with Econsultancy on 3rd February at Etc. Venues, London. This one day training course is designed for brands wanting to improve online performance overseas or looking to enter a new market for the first time.


From this course you will learn:
• How to identify global digital marketing opportunities
• How to create multilingual SEO and international PPC strategies that cover multiple markets and languages
• How to optimise multilingual content for local social media platforms in a variety of countries
• Understand how the online user’s culture affects conversion rate
• Learn best practise for international usability testing

Led by Oban’s head of new business, John Sellwood, and head of SEO, Emily Mace; let us guide you through the key factors you need to consider when developing a cross-border strategy. With more than 10 years’ experience working with some of the world’s leading brands like BBC Worldwide, De Beers, UGG Australia, Sports Direct, Citrix and Aberdeen Asset Management, you will not only learn from the best practitioners but understand what approach you will need to take to develop a watertight digital strategy overseas.


The course features:
Getting the basics right for international expansion
• Identifying international opportunities
• Localisation vs. translation
• Keyword research – ensuring natural linguistics
• Ads and messaging

Local search engines and social media platforms from around the world
• The global landscape and current players that dominate Search
• Yandex and Baidu, an in-depth analysis on local market giants
• International social media platforms and preferences

Site structures and technical considerations for international websites
• Subdomains, subfolders and country code top-level domains
• Managing multiple languages and duplicate content
• Migrating international websites

Multilingual content marketing
• Multilingual content, user intent and search
• Content planning and calendars for global reach
• Seeding content
• Measuring success

Cultural conversion rate (C-CRO) and usability
• Colours and design factors to consider for reaching a global audience
• International usability principles
• Cultural conversion testing – cultural multi-variate testing for new and existing markets

When: 3rd February 2015
Where: Etc. Venues, London, UK
Investment: £595 per person
Book now by clicking on this link here to secure your place!

With bookings filling up quickly we strongly advise to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.
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