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September was a busy month at Oban; our International Digital Forum (IDF) event with Yandex and Baidu took place at  IAB UK, we exhibited at On the Edge Reading and we’ve been getting geared up for The Marketing Forum and Ad:Tech. More importantly, we have rebranded as Oban International to bring together our international search and conversion expertise.

 Ad:tech, London, UK

Oban International will be exhibiting and speaking at this year’s Ad:Tech, London, on 21st and 22nd of October at Olympia. We’ll be doing a talk on The SEO secret sauce to international success’ featuring channel manager, Hayley Phoenix-Stones and head of SEO Emily Mace. Held on 22nd October in the Seminar Theatre 1 at 11:20am they will discuss the importance of International SEO and how a localised approach to your digital marketing strategy can radically improve performance. Join Oban as we discuss tips on how our approach to international digital marketing can take your business the extra mile.

We will be exhibiting at stand 411, so come and say hi and hear how we can help you grow globally.

To arrange a meeting with the team at Ad:Tech London, please contact Oban on (0)1273 704 434 or email [email protected]. We hope to see you soon.

The International Digital Forum.

Last month our International Digital Forum (IDF) returned to UK shores.  Oban’s one day conference included attendees from Tesco, The Drum, Momondo and to name but a few. With speaker sessions from Russia’s leading search engine Yandex, China’s home-grown search engine Baidu and Oban International.

The conference provided real insight and value for today’s international digital marketing professional.  For those who could not attend, please find the presentations of the day here.

We are now Oban International

Search is evolving. Conversion is evolving. In 2012, Forrester identified that “for every $100 spent on traffic driving only $1 is spent on converting them”. The landscape is changing, fast. As Search becomes less about page rankings and links and more focussed on the general digital health of your brand, marketers have seen their focus shift to the behaviour of the online user.

At Oban, we always have an innovative approach that puts the user at the heart of our client’s digital strategy: from understanding their language, culture, loyalties, their platform preferences to likes and dislikes. We always want our clients to hold an engaging conversation with their target market – reflecting cultural preferences that can only be magnified and improved using Oban’s expertise and insights. In fact, because of our deep rooted insights into global markets Oban was the first international Search agency to build its own bespoke cultural Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) software and service, GlobalMaxer.

2014, has been a year of exciting discoveries within our industry that we believe will change the face of international digital marketing. Google’s evolving algorithmic change of conversational search and the emergence of wearable technology denotes that Search and Conversion are coming closer together. Search language, social shares, great content – all of these are elements of a conversation that our clients have with their customers – it’s a dialogue that leads to a conversion.  A conversation that continues after purchase with happy, engaged repeat customers and brand advocates, a conversation that needs to be curated by cross-discipline experts in SEO, Paid Media, Social, Content and Conversion Optimisation, will therefore become increasingly vital for online success. No longer can Search, Social, Content and Conversion be treated as separate entities.

To reflect this, we are re-naming GlobalMaxer and Oban Multilingual Search to

Oban International

The new brand name better reflects our integrated approach to digital and allows us to present Oban as a family of services and expert consultancy. Although the personnel, tools, approach, methodology and expertise at Oban will remain the same, we trust that you will be happy to join us in the next stage of our exciting journey.

Going global? We are Oban International. Ready whenever you are.