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Oban International shortlisted as a finalist at UK Search Awards 2014

Oban International is proud to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist at this year’s UK Search Awards. Selected for the Innovation – Software award for our Think-Track product, the category recognises innovation in the development or use of a software tool or platform.

Following three years of development, Oban International launched the world’s first browser-based, cognitive usability testing tool, Think-Track, to set a new standard in high performance user experience testing.

Using Think-Track, brands can better measure the effectiveness of their website design and content, as well as their Google search listing. Think-Track allows you to understand not just how consumers are moving across the page and what they are reading, but also demonstrates where visitors are investing energy and thought, either because content is of interest and they are emotionally engaged or because the content is harder to digest.

Despite the product only barely being launched, our customer base already includes Protect Your Bubble, Hilton Hotels, Dunelm Mill, CD Networks and Dell.
Oban’s Think-Track testing process includes:

Directional Mapping – Users are set a series of computer tasks that require them to move their mouse around an occluded view of the web page. User sessions are then aggregated to create detailed directional flow maps that reveal how people are moving across the page to skim or consume content

Fixation Mapping – Again based on a series of simple computer tasks that highlight where mouse movement pauses for at least three seconds. This implies that content is being viewed or read. User sessions are then aggregated to produce a heat map of areas where users are most likely to be consuming content

Engagement Mapping – An innovative test that involves users being asked to tap the space bar while navigating a webpage. This reveals increases and decreases in cognitive load. As users move around a page the rate of tapping becomes erratic (faster or slower) when they are engaged either positively (through interest or appeal) or negatively (hard to understand) with content

These approaches can be applied to website pages, call to action sites, online forms and advertisements as well as search engine listings and Google ads.

The results gained from Oban’s Think-Track testing provides robust and reliable data for brands, highlighting what content works and what doesn’t or how design or layout could be improved. Tests can continue as the website evolves to ensure all aspects are optimised for customer appeal, understanding, engagement and conversion.

Think-Track represents a revolution in user experience testing; measuring both practical and cognitive activity and releasing the testing process from the high-cost and sample-size restrictions of the laboratory. Brands benefit from richer, more reliable insight into how consumers really interact with their website and search listings; paving the way for improved web design and content worldwide.

We look forward to attending the award ceremony as a finalist on the Thursday 6th November 2014 at the Troxy, London, UK. Follow us on twitter at @ObanDigital to hear all the latest Oban International news from the event!