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Oban’s exclusive talk at the EAIE Academy

Oban gave an exhilarating talk on Global SEO at the bi-annual European Association for International Education (EAIE) Academy event, held at Birmingham University. Headed up by Oban’s Account Director, Jon Murphy, the 90 minute workshop illustrated how education establishments can attract prospective, overseas students using Multilingual SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Over the years, the global online landscape has seen a rapid rise in internet infrastructure and usage, due to increased market efficiencies. India alone will increase online users to 300 million by 2015, and 600 million by 20201. Giving access to a vast realm of international students who seek courses and training online to further develop their career. With global audiences and emerging economies growing at speed, sectors like education, should lean in online to cease such opportunities.

Jon, discussed the many facets of emergent online users and explained how Search differs market-to-market, providing advice on cultural and language variations. With more than 10 years experience in Global SEO, Oban Multilingual, demonstrated how to increase visibility online using an array of campaign examples from leading education institutions. The session was wrapped up with practical takeaways for the audience to take home.

The EAIE Academy takes place across Europe, varying its geographical location for each bi-annual event. It offers one week courses for professionals who want to improve their skill set on current, higher education topics.


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