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Oban presents research findings at Oxford University

Greig Holbrook, MD of Oban Multilingual, will be making a presentation to a seminar exploring the cultural diversity of web usage at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). The seminar to be held on April 30th at Oxford University, will be attended by sponsors of the Oxford Internet Survey (OxIS) the OII’s major study of internet usage in Britain. The OII is recognized as a leading authority on Internet use in the UK, and internationally-recognised through its work on the World Internet Project.

Greig Holbrook, will highlight the findings from Oban’s recent multivariate testing on the Visit Jordan website. The testing software allows a website to automatically serve up variations in content, and then track user reactions to the changes, giving insight into web design elements in a live environment. The results are revealing of unique cultural responses to variations on websites, and initial results suggest the importance of designing sites for different cultures for maximum conversions and sales.