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Optimum Global Conversions: Multilingual SEO/PPC and Cultural Multivariate Testing

From a recent seminar presentation by Greig Holbrook (Oban Multilingual):

How to Combine Multilingual SEO/PPC and Cultural Multivariate Testing for Optimum Global Conversions.

Having been recently at a whole range of conferences on digital marketing, there are a number of topics which are being mentioned at every turn.

Firstly, SEO. At a recent conference for the travel industry there were a range of speakers – some owners of the business, others working for large companies like Expedia. They expressed the view that SEO was core to any travel site’s promotion strategy and that without it a travel site stood very little chance of success.

Secondly, conversion! All the marketers I have come across in recent months are obsessed with conversion, realising that even with the best SEO, without great conversion it is a pointless exercise.

This is where the state of digital marketing lies with fundamental investments into SEO and conversion. Now, if you’re an international business you need to plan ahead to incorporate both these elements in your multilingual SEO strategy and your design strategy by culture. I have lost track of the number of companies who have great conversion on their English campaigns but when they land international business on their translated page they fail to convert at the same rate if at all.

Savvy online companies will understand that just as effective multilingual SEO and PPC has very little to do with translation, nor does cultural design. Companies who are serious about online marketing and for whom it is business critical need to be strategic in their plans for global online campaigns.

Cultural multivariate testing will mean that increasingly we don’t have one rigid template on a global site merely translated into any number of languages. Cultural multivariate testing will mean a scientific approach to global web design, whereby it will not be adequate to rely on your existing web design company to come up with the best converting sites and pages, you’ll need to be as granular and flexible as possible.

But what about the cost I hear you cry…..having multiple sites running using cultural multivariate testing combined with effective multilingual seo will be very difficult to manage and the costs will spiral. The answer lies in the three word acronym ROI – quite simply we know that SEO is by far the cheapest way of sending traffic to a site, we know that in order to get the best conversions we have to test and test and test again, again etc. So if you want the best results for your international site, you need to have effective multilingual seo (and not just translated) PLUS cultural multivariate testing.

The combination, if done the right way, will prove the ROI case – time and time again!