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Our clients: De Beers extends contract with Oban

Oban Multilingual is excited to announce that De Beers, the brand name internationally synonymous with diamonds, will continue to work with us on a series of upcoming digital marketing projects.

Oban’s contract with De Beers involves multilingual SEO and digital marketing consultancy across six of the company’s key online markets. Oban has most recently assisted with a site migration project, ensuring SEO is at the heart of the new site while keeping existing value intact. This activity aims to minimise the impact of traffic, visitors and brand presence that site migration can entail.

“We feel exceptionally privileged to be working with De Beers” revealed managing director Greig Holbrook. “Their stature in traditional marketing is humbling – the success of the ‘A Diamond is Forever’ slogan and a long history of similarly innovative campaigns have transformed the way the entire world thinks about diamonds. Nonetheless, we’re undaunted: this is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how our multilingual approach can contribute to even the most illustrious of histories.”

Founded by Cecil Rhodes from the money he made renting water pumps to miners during the South African diamond rush of 1871, De Beers is a name now synonymous with one of the planet’s most valuable minerals. In fact, the cultural worth of diamonds as a sign of love and commitment is usually attributed to De Beers, who are the biggest name involved in their raw extraction as well as their marketing.

In addition to the famous slogan, De Beers is credited with creating the eternity, trilogy and right-hand rings. Until relatively recently, De Beers diamonds were nonetheless set “anonymously” into the jewellery of third-party master jewellers: the De Beers Diamond Jewellers was created in 2001. After the flagship De Beers boutique opened on Old Bond Street, London in 2002, stores have opened up in Paris, Moscow, Dubai, New York, Shanghai and elsewhere throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

As specialists in multilingual and multicultural digital marketing, Oban will assist De Beers with campaigns in these global markets, ensuring that the authentic brand experience precedes landing on the jewellers’ local websites.

If you are running campaigns with a similar international reach, call us on +44(0)1273 613 400 or email [email protected] to find out more about what we can do for your business.