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Our clients: electronics giant ASUS partners with Oban

Oban Multilingual is privileged to announce another high-profile client win: a contract with Taiwan-based ASUS, a major brand in the electronics and computer hardware business.

Oban is contracted to provide support for a number of ASUS product launches in a range of international online markets, providing cultural and SEO insight into the context of new device launches. We will also be working with ASUS on selected elements of their on-page SEO – helping the brand attain even greater visibility in the hugely competitive electronics market.

“We’re naturally proud and excited to be working with ASUS. The consumer electronics market is obviously something we’re all already engaged in, and not just through day to day use of the devices themselves.” said Oban’s managing director Greig Holbrook, adding, “We’re all participating in those discussions around constant tech advances and massively hyped product launches. It’s a frenetic enough space to negotiate without language barriers, and we’re delighted to be the agency that helps to break those barriers down.”

Based in Taiwan, ASUSTeK Computer Inc is a key brand in the computer hardware and electronics markets. Founded in 1989, ASUS forged a reputation among computer hardware enthusiasts for high-performance, competitively-priced components. One in every three computers worldwide is running on an ASUS motherboard and the brand has a reputation for being the first to introduce major technology standards to the market.

The success of its component business has ensured a firm foundation in electronics. ASUS branded devices have included laptops, PDAs, computer monitors, mobile phones and tablet computers. ASUS trade worldwide with fully localised sites in 87 countries and the varied product selection targets several distinct audiences – from tech-savvy gamers as well as families looking for a dependable but straightforward tablet.

This substantial multilingual, multi-audience operation is one that Oban cannot wait to get to grips with, and one that plays to the strengths of our assembled team. Oban has worked with other clients in the electronics vertical before – including peripheral manufacturer Kensington, and tech services company Premier Farnell.

If you are working in a similar international context why not contact us on +44(0)1273 613 400 or email [email protected].

Motherboard image by Flickr user Dave Crosby