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Part 2: Capturing the zeitgeist: international content and social media 2016

The focus on audience-centric, content-led campaigns is set to continue well into 2016, with an increasing number of brands considering what this means for their international presence. While many have ‘dipped their toe in the water’ when it comes to developing international content, they will look to develop this further in the New Year; discovering how best to really engage users in other markets effectively using a content-led digital strategy.

Whether developing content packages to gain editorial coverage or creating customer-focussed onsite content to improve brand perception, more and more of Oban’s clients are seeing the value in enriching their websites and offsite international marketing strategies with strong content.

2016 offers a host of opportunity for content marketing – at the heart is a continued focus on developing content for specific audiences. This will involve the refinement of models for content creation with a focus on creating bespoke content for users at different stages of their buying journey. Personalised content will also take centre stage, particularly when it comes to email marketing. 80% of companies are using buyer personas for content marketing[1] which is useful to a point in defining audience groups and content ideas.

New approaches such as Job Stories as explored by Alan Klement will be more valuable in developing content for more specific interactions with brands closer to the conversion point.  Job stories are derived from User Experience and product design theory and consider pain points or specific situations that are problematic with your audience.  They give better scope to develop detailed and useful content which is critical when getting your audience past the conversion point.  Developing job stories involves direct customer contact through interviews and if done well is a valuable source of data to develop support content, content which helps with product comparison and how to highlight your business USP.

Amplification options will be imperative in 2016. Keeping ahead of the competition will involve using better cross device marketing using tools such as Facebook Atlas[2], Outbrain and other emerging social advertising platforms.

Above all we predict that performance measurement will become increasingly standardised for content marketing. Through increased understanding of the ‘purpose’ of content, and intended KPIs behind creating it, measurement will in turn become more refined.  Whether content is developed for engagement, brand awareness, customer retention or leads – as long as the goal of content is understood then appropriate measurements can be set out!