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The second episode of our new podcast, The Global Marketing Calendar, is available now.

[Podcast] Ep.2 – White Day

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time for women to present gifts to men. A month later, men return the favour on White Day.

In our latest episode, our host Avielle Breen speaks with Sarah Jennings, who tells us all about White Day and its significance for e-commerce and gift marketers. She then interviews Sho, one of our Japanese LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts), about the event’s traditions and cultural significance. Finally, I expand upon the Japanese untranslatable phrase ‘Koi No Yokan’ in our Lost in Localisation segment.

The Global Marketing Calendar is a business podcast that explores different international events, designed for marketers with global ambitions in a digital world.

In each episode, our host Avielle Breen will guide you through an overview of an upcoming event from around the world, featuring interviews with one of Oban’s LIMEs and Sarah Jennings, our CEO. You’ll learn how the event is celebrated and we’ll discuss how your business can use these insights to create compelling global campaigns. To end each episode, I will tell you about an ‘untranslatable’ word in our Lost In Localisation segment, explaining how its meaning can be applied to everyday life.

New episodes are released every month, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.

Az Ahmed

Az Ahmed | Marketing Manager

Oban International is the digital marketing agency specialising in international expansion. Our LIME (Local In-Market Expert) Network provides up to date cultural input and insights from over 80 markets around the world, helping clients realise the best marketing opportunities and avoid the costliest mistakes.

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