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Poker Heaven

January 19, 2012 Company News

About Poker Heaven

Poker Heaven is owned by the Gaming Media Group and is GMG’s flagship Poker site, running to 14 territories in 13 different European languages. Poker Heaven is one of the largest international Poker networks and offers a range of exclusive game-management tools inclusing Player Zone, Player Tracker and “The Player Zone”, which enables players to check their rake, playing activity, promotional status and email.

About the Test

Poker Heaven approached GlobalMaxer to improve their conversion rate from their most popular page: the homepage. The Poker Heaven site has two principle goals: to increase downloads of their Poker engine, and to encourage deposits by paying players. Poker Heaven had very specific ideas of how they were going to try and increase conversions, and came up with two radically different designs from their normal homepage. The test was an AB(n) test with three variations. The test was served in the UK only and was a Fully Factorial test.

Poker Heaven AB Test Designs

Poker Heaven AB Test: Design Comparisons

The Results

The radical new homepage designs centred around a large gold “download here” button, in contrast to the original round and red button. The design was much more direct on both designs with both Combination 1 focussing on a €1000 FREE message, and Combination 2 leading with the “200% Welcome Bonus” message. In the end, both designs improved on the original page design with Combination 1 increasing downloads by over 2%. This uplift was worth a €-FIVE FIGURE sum to Poker Heaven each month of the test.

Poker Heaven AB Test Results

Poker Heaven AB Test Results


We found that giving a large amount of page real estate to a single special offer and a large “download” button had a substantial uplift on downloads and therefore paying Poker Players. The clarity of the message on combination 1, plus body copy explaining how simple it is to get started, as well as the prominent CTA button all contributed to a punchy new page design. Poker Heaven then took these principles and tried follow on tests concentrating on the simplicity of the lead message, but also allowing Poker Heaven the opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell their other Poker products and services.