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Russia: Yandex’s latest update delivers improved content for long tail searches

Yandex, currently handles over 100 million long tail searches every day. As long tail search increases, especially with the growth in voice search, Yandex this week launched an update to its algorithm aimed at improving its ability to understand these longer form search queries and serve better quality content to users.

Voice based search is generally more conversational and tends to be in the form of questions rather than the shorter search phrases more traditionally used on desktops. Yandex’s update is aimed at understanding these questions and the meaning behind the searched for terms. Users should experience an improvement in the usefulness and quality of the content they are served as a result of the algorithm named Palekh after the Russian city which has a long tailed bird as its emblem.

During a long tail search, Yandex’s neural network currently creates a map of content “scoring” each page against terms which then positon pages on specific locations. Yandex ‘learns’ which articles are best for each search its presented with, even if the words or phrases used are less common. This will be familiar to those who have experience of Google’s RankBrain.

Yandex is expected to develop this scoring to include the content of the article as well as the title. The aim behind all of this is to understand the intent behind a search query in the same way as a human being would.

Along with the Vladivostok Mobile update launched earlier in 2016, this latest update shows Yandex’s commitment to evolve to respond to new search trends and behaviours, and to serve the best content possible to users.

What does this mean for your digital campaigns in Russia?

• Know your target audiences/consumers and what they are searching.
• Create in-depth, user focused content designed to answer questions and meet visitors’ needs.
• Use clear titles for your content and do not get caught up using marketing based descriptors.

If you would like help making the most of the search opportunity served by Yandex please contact Oban and we’d be happy to show you how we can help increase your visibility.