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Spotlight: Greig Holbrook, Founder of Oban International

September 1, 2016 Company News



  • How and when did you start working in international digital marketing?
    I like to think that I was there at the start of international digital marketing in the UK, or at least somewhere near the beginning! My MA in international Digital Marketing at the University of Brighton focussed on cultural user behaviour and opened my eyes to the importance of truly understanding local consumers and really getting to know markets in order to market effectively to them via digital platforms. This led to me establishing Oban International in 2002, and we now have digital experts overseas in over a hundred countries globally as well as our specialist team in Brighton.
  • What do you enjoy about it?
    When I first started my theory was that international online markets would grow quickly but I could not have envisaged them growing to such an extent and so rapidly. It has always been and continues to be an exciting learning curve every day. Our work is fascinating and hugely impactful for both our clients and us. We are a multinational, diverse team and I enjoy the culture that we have built up as an agency which is friendly, collaborative and professional.
  • What are the biggest challenges you face?
    I want to know more and more about our global audiences but there’s never enough time: a year in digital marketing is like a dog year, you can double that for international so the pace of change across all the markets we work in is breath taking.
  • What would you be doing if you didn’t have a career in international digital marketing?
    Previously, I was a lecturer at Brighton University, you never know….
  • What countries have you visited? Which is your favourite and why?
    I have visited many countries and lived in a few too, namely Spain and Kuwait. My heart lies in both Valencia, Spain and Foz in Portugal.
  • Outside of work hours, you’ll find me…
    Practising yoga, watching Chelsea FC, riding my bike on Brighton beach and the South Downs, plus ferrying my daughters from one place to another.
  • Top 3: Brand, site and item of technology
    Brand: I love Urban Outfitters as it absolutely exemplifies how brands can engage with consumers globally.
    Website: is great for booking last minute trips.
    Technology: My new HP Pavilion laptop its great!