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Spotlight: James Kenny, Senior Sales Development Manager


My name is James Kenny and I work in Sales Development, which means that I get to talk to potential clients about their needs and look at how we can work together to grow their business internationally.

  • How and when did you start working in international digital marketing?

I started working in digital marketing four and a half years ago with an email marketing agency where I developed an interest in the digital sector.

  • What do you enjoy about it?

Digital marketing is an industry that is always changing and evolving so there are always ways to improve what I do. I enjoy working with the talented teams in our Brighton office and our Experts Overseas. It is extremely satisfying to hear about the excellent results we have achieved for a client and think back to our very first phone call when I introduced the agency and we discussed the challenges that they were facing.

  • What are the biggest challenges you face?

The biggest challenge I have is explaining the benefit of localisation as opposed to translation. A lot of companies recognise the need to have a website in a local language, but they don’t always understand the importance and impact of local culture on the way in which consumers navigate websites, search, purchase online and engage with social media. Localisation is so much more than translation and is often critical for a global brand to build consumer trust in new markets.

  • What would you be doing if you didn’t have a career in international digital marketing?

I like to think that I would be a footballer or a musician. But actually I’ve never had the talent to do either so I just enjoy watching them instead and stick to what I’m good at.

  • What countries have you visited? Which is your favourite and why?

I have been to lots of places around Europe and America. It’s hard to choose one country that is my favourite so I will have to say the United Kingdom! The best city I have ever been to is Berlin followed by Sofia; both are incredible places and I will be planning to go back in the near future.

  • Outside of work hours, you’ll find me….

I am a keen football fan and travel up to see Manchester United for nearly every game, when I am not there I go to a lot of gigs and festivals. I have been to Glastonbury 15 times and plan to go another 15 times!

  • Top 3: Brand, site and item of technology

Brand: Manchester United, considering the time I dedicate to them I have to say that.

Site: BBC, it covers everything and offers a really reliable source of all information, worth every penny of the licence fee.

Technology: Xbox One, this will change as soon as the newest shiny system comes out but at the moment I am loving playing it.