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Struggling to get the right site showing internationally?

Are you struggling to get your language specific websites visible internationally? Is your US or UK website outranking your French website in

This is actually quite a common issue and something I get asked about a lot, as a result this is one of our most frequently resolved issues when implementing  technical SEO on global websites. One of the most typical causes for this is an old established English language website which Google prefers due to it knowing about it for so long. However, from a user perspective you want to make sure you are targeting your potential customers using the right language and in some cases you might even have a different product offering based on the consumer’s location. Companies who are finding the wrong international site appearing in a country will have to spend money on paid promotion on their brand name so they can be visible in the search results with localised content instead of the standard English content from the older site.

I will be discussing this issue and introducing the hreflang tag in my upcoming talk at BrightonSEO on the 22nd April. I will demonstrate how the hreflang tag can be used to target audiences in different markets. I will also help you identify things which could go wrong with this implementation and will share tips to ensure you are using the correct code.

Don’t worry if you’re not a technical person yourself, we’ve found that these type of introductory sessions are very useful in helping you to discuss the fixes your website requires with your developers.

If you can’t make the session, but would like to know more, please get in touch. You can request a copy of the presentation here!

Following my talk I’ll  be running a Q & A session on our Oban International Twitter page where I will be answering your questions on the hreflang tag and how to use it for better results internationally. Join our Q&A from 15:45 on Friday 22nd.