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Taking control of the customer experience for success in retail

Taking place at DSTRKT, London on the 19th May, Oban International’s John Sellwood will be a guest speaker at the Ecommerce Club Interactive seminar.

The retail experience has been changing rapidly in recent times and we expect it to continue at pace so how do you keep up? By creating an online experience that fits within your customer’s lifestyle giving them true convenience and a consistent experience across multiple touch points. Understanding the single customer view, how people wish to pay for their goods, what influences them to purchase and how they wish to engage with your retail brand will help you meet these fast-moving customer needs.

John will give you great advice and hints on how to achieve all your goals and will set you on the right route to success, tasking you with deciding on actionable outcomes with your peers.

Titled ‘A Year in International Ecommerce – Cultural Dates that Impact your Business’

Oban’s talk will reveal:

-the key global e-commerce dates and events across the globe that will impact your business this year
-successful strategies and tactics to acquire international customers from China through to Germany
-insight on local opportunities for e-commerce businesses from around the world

Some of the biggest opportunities in global e-commerce are campaigns centred on local events both traditional and newly-emerging. With this in mind, Oban International takes us on a brief journey around the globe uncovering key dates that will impact your business. We take a look at events that will help improve your understanding of global markets and provide inspiration for your global digital marketing campaigns.


About the speaker

John Sellwood – Account Director

With more than 10 years’ experience in digital marketing, John joined Oban in 2012 with a wealth of experience from senior marketing posts in the FS sector running search functions and overseeing significant digital design and build projects.  John is highly experienced in developing international strategy alongside some of the largest global brands including Citrix, Aberdeen Asset Management and Lloyds TSB International.

John’s highly detailed knowledge covers all aspects of SEM, both domestically and internationally, including some of the very specific considerations required for a cross-border digital presence.  Despite a strong analytical approach it’s the human behaviours behind the data that led John to Oban – where he’s helped many clients understand a bespoke approach can drive a more authentic and profitable presence in diverse markets.

When: 1pm – 6pm, Tuesday 19th May

Where: DSTRKT, 9 Rupert Street, London, W1D 6DG

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