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The Final KPI

Online KPICompanies tend to be myopic when it comes to KPI’s for search engine marketing.

Focusing on Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP) [ref.], and appearing on page one of Google is an often stated by my clients as their ultimate success criteria. It is not uncommon, even, for some search engine marketing companies websites to claim to guarantee to get clients to the top three or top five. So, it’s not surprising that many companies (and individuals) have their beady eyes on rankings only – to the detriment of their marketing and to the exclusion of anything else.

However, positions alone do not make for a successful campaign. If that increase in rankings doesn’t lead to more relevant traffic; to people interested in buying your product, i.e. converting.

Conversions sometimes seem to be the forgotten part of the equation, but they should be a key statistic that any savvy marketing manager should look to increase.

This is an area where multivariate testing can help. Multivariate testing software (MVT software) allows you to test which of many combinations of your web page converts best (colour, content, call to actions) and, because its based on an empirical approach and statistical analysis, this takes out all of the guesswork out of optimising your web pages for a higher sales conversion rate.

If you’re not working on increasing and optimising your e-commerce sales conversions along with your traffic and rankings, then you are missing the final and most important piece of the puzzle.