The heart of every conversion experience

We believe in engaging authentically with your audience. It’s visibility in the right places with the right message. However your traffic comes in, we know that your website is your shop window in every market you have a presence in. To standardise a website template ‘to one size fits all’ would simply jeopardise your chances for global success. The devil, as they say, is in the detail.

At the heart of every successful conversion optimisation and personalisation programme is data; well researched tests lead to solid hypotheses which yield greater results and successful outcomes. At Oban we pride ourselves on the exhaustive approach we take to data gathering, which we call Conversion Discovery.

Talk to Oban about our Conversion Discovery service which includes:

Technical Discovery
We research into our client’s web development, hosting, design processes and scheduling; By gathering this insight,  Oban can build a robust and workable test plan by understanding which CMS our clients use, which parts of the site are dynamic and which are static, and how our clients manage design changes. This means we can anticipate technical challenges before they come up.

UX Discovery
This stage is a best practice approach to usability based on methodologies we have developed  to understand how your users interact with your site. We use a blend of in-house and best of breed tools for this stage, which is split into three main modules:

– Heuristics and Composition- using the model laid down by Jacob Nielsen our analysts review your web pages for evidence that they conform to established rules of best practice: where pages are not compliant we make recommendations on design changes.

– Accessibility- using a variety of tools we assess your site’s colour palette and look for evidence of elements that fail tests for contrast ratio errors.

– Linguistic Audit- we review the published text and benchmark against competitors to help visualise the semantic emphasis of the site. We also apply our own method of evaluating the likelihood of words or phrases to be read with our readability score.

Cultural Discovery
Many of your users will have cultural preferences based on nationality, ethnicity, age, sex and other demographics. Oban researches these preferences and identifies content that will specifically appeal to these groups to increase the online performance of your international sites.

Data Discovery
Our data discovery reviews your web analytics and installs on-click analytics to build up a picture of which on page elements, pages, templates and funnels are ripe for optimisation. We also help our clients introduce a culture of measurement into their business to identify new opportunities for conversion both online and offline.

Discover a new world of testing. Remove the barriers to success. Transform your website’s performance with Oban’s Conversion Discovery.