Global Social Media Strategy

We know it’s never just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. From Xing in Germany, Kaixin001 in China to VKontakte in Russia, international campaigns need Oban. We think global, talk local to provide the ultimate localised social media experience in any part of the world. As global leaders working in more than 30 markets we take your international social media further. Oban energises global social media campaigns and crafts strategies with award-winning thinking that always puts the brand, business and customer at the core of the conversation.

We like a good following. Clients use us to amplify local social media profiles to increase reach, drive engagement and push brand awareness worldwide. We empower in-house teams to take on international social media in-market too, thanks to Oban training programmes that transfer our skills to you. Our calm, professional social media teams are also on hand to take care of any local market social media crisis. Where we lead, others follow. Make more of your global social media presence with Oban.

Localised social media strategies

We localise social media strategies to ignite meaningful, relevant conversations. Our expertise in international social media platforms and cultural insights means we drive customer loyalty and retention to the heart of your target market. Our leading edge thinking on localising strategies helps position brands and businesses as market leaders – and connects brands back to their target community in real time.

Global social media community management

Oban is here to support your business online. Our global social media community management runs from country to country, wherever it’s needed. Let our experts nurture online campaigns and best practice guidelines with unrivalled international knowledge that works to suit your business – collaboratively or consultatively.

Crisis handling

Every business with an international social media presence needs a watertight strategy to ensure everything runs to plan. Talk to us about protecting your brand globally with social media policies relevant to your target market. Let us develop crisis communication plans and internal process documents wherever you need help. Oban is here to help you protect your brand, whatever the situation demands.

International social media audit

Not everything comes at face value. An Oban social media audit looks at everything your site is doing on the page – and behind it. We boost the power of your social conversation with an in-depth technical review of all onsite and on-platform social media assets, providing actionable recommendations for each target market.

Internal process documentation

Clear processes are here to help define – and enhance – the online user journey. As part of our auditing work let us metaphorically dust down the filing and breathe new life into running effective international campaigns.

Social media training

Whatever your needs, let Oban create specific, relevant social media training to suit business and equip in-house teams and stakeholders to communicate, convince and convert.

Talk their language

Social media is a fundamental part of the global digital marketing landscape. It supports your international SEO strategy and it’s changed how we communicate with audiences online – and it’s changing the face of business. Don’t get lost for words. We provide strategic expertise for businesses that want to boost their online presence, on localised platforms in international markets. We help clients everyday with:

– Localised social media strategies

– Global social media community management

– Crisis handling

– International social media audit

– Internal process documentation

– Social media training

Oban. Social brands, globally connected. Think global, act local, get social with Oban.