Download: Global E-commerce Calendar 2017

With increasing numbers of companies recognising the importance of creating online campaigns that engage local audiences, we have gathered together some of the key events from around the globe.

Working with our Local In-Market Experts (LIMEs) in 78 countries, we have identified dates such as Nowruz, ‘Back to School’ and Japan’s Golden Week – events which have the potential to drive retail opportunities for you in 2017. Some are traditional historic or religious events; others are newly-created commercial festivals.

Download the Global E-commerce Calendar to access all the local knowledge which can help improve your understanding of global markets and provide inspiration for your digital marketing campaigns.

Never miss an event, download direct to your calendar

Alongside the pdf, you can also save the events directly into your calendar. The .ics file is compatible with Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple iCal.

Never miss a key event that could impact how you plan and execute your international local marketing campaigns. Click on each specific event to read unique insights from our LIMEs on how the event is marked.

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