International PPC ad copy and quality score management

How do we decide which ad copy to use?

All of our ad messaging is created by our local in-market teams in consultation with our account optimisation team. We share learnings from tests and performance internally to inform this process.

At set-up stage, we phase our keyword research and ad copy creation stages. This allows us to tailor ad copy to include locally relevant keywords, improve ad relevancy to search term and focus on quality score building from day one.

We undertake comprehensive in-market campaign research during set-up stage, and then continue to build up our keyword coverage through ongoing search query analysis, seasonal changes, updates to website and product coverage, etc.

For all campaigns, post research, all new elements of the campaign such as keywords and ad copies are shared with the client for feedback and sign-off. We have a two step process of quality assurance to ensure at launch that our international campaigns are set-up according to plan to deliver performance.

As a best practice, we create 3 variations of the ad message per ad group, and continue to maintain 3 ads through testing and optimisation, as well as during promotional periods. At set-up, we create local market focused ad copies that incorporate keywords to improve relevancy of ads.

We use competitor monitoring insights to inform some of our ad messaging elements such as USPs to focus on, CTAs, coverage of key information between main ad and ad extensions, etc.

For retail, it is key to have up to date information on SERPs including competitor copy, to inform strategic decisions around promotions, offers, bid and ad position strategy, etc.

For retail campaigns, we also account for a round of ad copy update across the entire account per month. We prefer to plan upcoming updates in advance, to allow enough time for creative planning, quality checks and better management of launch process to manage quality scores. We also use AdWords Ad Customisers to support specific ad messaging requirement. We are happy to support ad hoc promotions from time to time.

What is our approach to maximising Quality Score?

At set-up, we draft ad copies after carrying out keyword research. We are therefore able to incorporate keywords into ad messaging for tailored, more relevant ad messaging. This fits well with our granular account structure and allows us to manage ad level quality score.

From launch onwards, we follow a two tier strategy to optimise ad messaging. For high volume campaigns, where statistically relevant data can be collected to identify best performing copies through testing, we evenly rotate ads for up to 4 weeks. We pause worst performing copy and replace it with a variation of best performing copy. We typically test variations of Title during initial tests. As the account progresses, we work on descriptions.

For low volume campaigns, we opt into Google’s ad copy optimisation settings to deliver  best CTR driving ads. The algorithm is built to determine ads with best CTR for driving traffic, based on small data sets, based on Google position testing and quality score technology.‏

We recommend running generic best performing copy alongside two new seasonal or promotional updated copies as our initial tactic to mitigate major quality score changes. We typically see CPCs settle with 2-3 days after new copy launch. Once this occurs, we can potentially pause best performing copy.

For key seasonal changes such as Spring Summer launch or Christmas campaigns, we can plan ahead, allowing us to better manage ad related quality score changes.

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