International PPC optimisation and best practice

Key areas we address include:

  • Account structure – essentially determines the potential performance of the account. Incorrectly structured accounts can lead to irrelevant traffic, competing with your own terms, driving exact match traffic through broad etc. It is critical for both performance and ease of management to correctly structure your account.
  • Ad copy – There a number of factors to consider with ad copy best practice. The most import are a) relevance to the keywords b) relevance to the landing page c) use of best practice and extensions (which directly influence ad rank and d) correctly A/B testing to determine valuable trends. And of course, relevance to local market language and needs.
  • Bids – Bids of course directly influence your positioning. Correctly determining the value of each keyword and bidding appropriately is essential.
  • Analysis of data (e.g. search terms, or data points in the Dimensions tab) – Data analysis is critical for maintaining and optimising accounts. Not only do you optimise existing content, but can uncover potential opportunities. This can include seasonality, day parting, adding negative keywords, identifying search terms to test on exact match etc.
  • Keywords – Keywords are the core of the account, so having the correct portfolio is essential. We conduct comprehensive keyword research to determine what to include, and conduct ongoing audits of each account to look for expansion opportunities.
  • Landing pages – A visitor’s activity post click depends entirely on the landing page quality and relevance. Having good landing pages is essential for the performance of any campaign. Landing pages also directly influence quality score, so they can play a significant part in altering click costs.
  • Match-types and negatives – Assigning correct match types to keywords is extremely important for driving quality traffic and profitable CPCs. Almost more important is the maintenance of broad or modified broad keywords with regular search term reports – this allows us to block irrelevant traffic with negatives and pull out search terms to test on exact.
  • CTR – Click through rate is generally deemed an indication of engagement rather than a direct KPI. Many factors can influence CTR, the most prominent being a) keyword to ad relevance and b) ad positioning. A low CTR is more of an indication of a deeper issue than a direct problem.
  • Quality score – With a direct influence on ad rank, quality score is very important for keeping CPCs as low as possible, reaching optimal ad position and of course adhering as closely as possible to Google’s policies.
  • CPAs – Determining CPA’s is often critical for a valuable paid campaign. Where multiple products or conversions of different value are being driven, segmenting CPAs is best practice, e.g. a product worth £10 won’t have the same CPA as one worth £1000.

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