Test your landing pages. Give your customers what they want.

We believe international paid media campaigns work harder when you test and iterate the landing pages your consumers arrive at. Whatever the design layout, whatever the country, let Oban International improve the performance of your ads to make them world-class. Our cultural insight and conversion expertise means we can enhance online performance in more than 30 markets.

Improve the conversion rate of your paid media traffic with our Landing Page Testing service. Whether it’s using Google AdWords/PPC, Social Media Campaigns, Affiliate Marketing or Display Advertising all that traffic has got to land somewhere. Most advertisers spend hours setting up intricate campaigns to attract new customers without giving much attention to the landing page. But if you’re AB testing text advert creative or campaign headlines, why not your landing pages too?

Oban’s Landing Page Testing service is an entry level package specifically designed to reduce your bounce rate, increase CTR and generate happy, engaged visitors from your international paid media campaigns. It’s also a great introduction to the world of AB testing and conversion rate optimisation. It’s landing page testing made easy- for any market in the world.

Talk to Oban International about our landing page testing service to find out how it’s:
Simple to use – our Landing Page Testing service only requires a single JavaScript tag to be added to your site. Oban’s expert design and development team can help get you started on AB Testing quickly by setting up the new designs for you without the need for you to engage expensive and time-consuming design resource

Copy translation and localisation– using all the multilingual resources available at Oban’s disposal, we can help you re-work your landing pages for international campaigns, giving you the best chance of your page converting in international markets.

Keyword segmentation – analyse the patterns of user behaviour by keyword or keyword group by using keyword segmentation. This will give you more granular information and will get your PPC campaigns working harder to generate real ROI

Test localised pages – test your international landing page campaigns to understand local needs and preferences. Provide a better experience for your international customers without the need for an expensive site re-designs.

Real time reporting – check on the performance of your new designs with access to our real time reporting dashboard.

Make paid media campaigns work harder. Because first impressions count. Call Oban now.

Integrate paid media with testing. Measure effectiveness globally.