Amplify insight with Oban's Market Research.

Turbo charge overseas sales and reach into new online markets through the power of Oban’s global market research. Choose targeted planning and local insight and let fresh thinking shape your international digital marketing strategy.

Careful planning and investigation makes better business sense. Globalise digitally and let our teams across the world provide you with a comprehensive understanding of where to spend time and resource best. We work with a wide range of companies, brands and sectors including Boots the Chemist, Neiman Marcus and University of Nottingham to uncover potential online markets, shape the right digital marketing approach and identify the best performing online channels.

Optimisation. A world of difference.

We also optimise what’s already out there. Oban improves the performance of existing international websites using the latest cultural search and cultural conversion strategies. Our local teams analyse international website performance country by country, market by market to ensure optimisation techniques can make a world of difference.

Oban market research is always bespoke to each client and it’s always carried out in-market by our local digital marketing teams. Read more about this value-added service in our success stories and testimonials, or just get in touch.

We love it when a global plan comes together.