Ready to target mobile users across the globe?

The face of PPC is changing – fast. We live in a multi-device world full of brands wanting to be seen online. Choose Oban and we’ll make sure your mobile marketing strategy is a cut above the rest. Our teams work exactly where you need them, to target smartphone users in any market. We work with businesses to create world-class paid search campaigns that fully complement an agile international marketing strategy.

More and more consumers now use smartphones and tablets over desktops and laptops to search online. It’s paving a new way for how today’s local customers really think and act online. Oban’s mobile PPC service ensures your international websites are fully optimised for smartphone users across any target market.

International mobile PPC from Oban.
Welcome to your digital future. Move with mobile.

Source: eMarketer

Global mobile PPC optimisation

Across the world a growing number of the online audience are moving from device to device. So it’s natural that search and purchase changes alongside it. Oban has the latest technology, features and insight for each global market to run effective, relevant localised mobile PPC campaigns.

Utilise our local teams for greater paid search visibility. We know that desktop keywords and mobile specific keywords are totally unique to each international market. That’s why our approach to international mobile PPC gives marketers greater ROI globally. Talk to us about creating consistent, targeted ad groups, optimised bids and ad extensions specific to each global market. All cleverly curated with the latest usability insights and more.

Be seen, go global on mobile with Oban. We’ll put your paid search strategy on the map.