Mobile testing with Oban

We believe that the secret to optimisation success comes down to how and where your target audience engages with your local website – and how you respond to their needs.

Whether you have a responsive site, a specific mobile or a tablet domain, we can test and track your customers for optimum results. In this mobile, multichannel world your customers interact with your site on-the-go, as well as at home or in the office. Whether it’s a business decision maker on a Smartphone at the airport, a shopper comparing prices in-store or a student on an iPad on campus, your customers could be doing anything, in any part of the world.

Oban’s expert conversion optimisation team has extensive experience in running tests on all the most popular mobile platforms. We know that for many emerging markets mobile is the main way your customers access the web on an ongoing basis. So, whether you have a responsive site or a specific mobile or tablet site, Oban can test and track your customers for optimum results. In any market.

Talk to Oban about:

Mobile testing
Do you need a specific testing solution for Smartphone? No problem. Oban’s expert conversion optimisation team can plan and execute tests for the smaller screen. Do you need to identify mobile users as a segment in your tests? Easy. Our CRO testing software provides access to some of the most powerful tests available. We can create segments by device, location and operating system. Oban’s mobile testing experts will help you understand how your customers interact on a small screen and how they prefer to interact with your brand whilst on-the-move. Whether it’s CTA formats and positioning, store locators, portrait and landscape display or offer presentation, Oban has mobile testing covered in more than 30 markets worldwide.

Tablet testing
Follow the swipes, scrolls and taps on tablets that lead to a conversion. Whether it’s on iPad, Android and Surface, understand the differences in user behaviour between PC, phone and tablet devices. Understand the differences between desktop mouse moves and tablet swipes. Don’t leave it all to guess work when it comes to online campaigns. We can try out positions of key offers, provide specialised web forms for tablets and drive visitors in-store. Oban will help build the ultimate omnichannel optimisation programme for your business.

Be mobile. Your customers are. It’s better insight to a better strategy.