Multilingual content marketing

International business needs content marketing that mirrors the local climate. Oban’s legacy of creating relevant, meaningful content worldwide puts the customer at the forefront of any online strategy. That’s why we’ve been leading the market for more than 10 years.

Global search engines now place an increasing emphasis on a holistic SEO profile. This means enhanced demand for effective international content marketing. Whether it’s China’s search engine Baidu preventing irrelevant onsite SERPs and link-spam updates or Russia’s Yandex fight against links as a ranking factor for commercial search terms, online businesses need unique content to stay visible. In any market.

We harness original, localised content to give real value to the online user – and value to our clients. Whatever the channel, however the traffic comes in, Oban’s multilingual content is targeted, clear and expertly crafted. It’s designed to engage online users through language and the cultural nuances of any chosen global market.

Harder working content

Great global content marketing supports your international SEO strategy. It improves local traffic-driving channels, increases brand awareness, drives a consistent user journey and fosters engagement. It’s everything from videos, images, infographics and bigger website copy to meta titles, descriptions and calls-to-action (CTA). It has traction in-market – and we’re here to make content work harder for your business online.

It’s not just what you read, but where you read it. Our analytical power drives multilingual content marketing to new heights in any international campaign. We do this by analysing webpage engagement metrics, goal setting, micro conversations as well as larger conversions and assisted conversions.

Audit to improve online performance

Our multilingual content puts the power of words and localisation at your fingertips. To create localised content recommendations we use the rigours of local site assessments and map performance against your competitors on a market by market basis. Oban will identify areas for website improvement in your chosen market, understand your local competitors, identify gaps in the consumer buying cycle and search related opportunities. These all support a natural, healthier international SEO profile in any given target market.

We know what creative works where. We leverage online campaigns with key local influencers to place and seed content effectively in more than 30 markets. Talk to us about how we can improve the performance of your content marketing worldwide and Oban will:

– Identify where content can be improved in each international market

– Add local content to improve a holistic SEO profile

– Create content strategies that deliver value and ROI

– Enrich the online user journey of your target market

– Measure performance effectively across selected key markets

We’ll get people talking

Oban is always on hand to improve your online performance, in any market. Wherever you need content, we’ll get people talking about your brand. Our content team understand local audiences worldwide and how preferences and messaging change from country to country. It’s how we craft smarter international content strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Choose your words carefully. Choose Oban. Ready for richer international digital content the world over.