One world. One omnichannel testing suite.

We believe that your product offering should be available to anyone, at anytime, in any place. We also believe that you should be able to measure and improve performance across all channels – whether it’s offline or online – and identify the campaigns that work hardest for your business.

Oban International brings you a world first in Conversion Optimisation – the ability to serve specific content to your audience and track your test visitor’s phone calls and store visits that convert. Our unique approach can trace conversions that happen over the phone or from in store purchases. Our GlobalMaxer tool builds up a comprehensive picture of how your site fits into the omnichannel experience, providing invaluable insight into what drives your customers to convert.

Talk to Oban International about:
Call tracking – The GlobalMaxer software integrates with your phone system to track the conversions of visitors who prefer to call, not click. Match with advanced segmentation to build up layers of insight about which groups prefer the mouse and which groups prefer the phone.

In store – your site may be the ultimate research tool, but some products are more tactile than others. Some visitors may naturally prefer to look online and buy in store. From testing marketing campaign offers to evaluating content pages, if you are a clicks and mortar company we can identify what drives your visitors’ offline to buy goods – or track them back to your site if they prefer to fulfil online.

Loyalty schemes – do you use a Smartcard or have a customer loyalty programme? Then Omnichannel testing could be for you. Relate smartcard usage back to online behaviour. Test out optimised pages that drive conversions for both on and offline, and gain insight of the differences between online and offline shoppers.

Media attribution – use our media attribution system to allocate visitors to lead source types. Whether they saw you on TV, on a billboard, in a magazine, or online, our advanced attribution programmes allows you to put your customers into media segments and help you understand which type of web experience best suits which promotion medium. Integrate with standard analytics or attribution management for the complete picture.

Don’t second guess the performance of your international marketing campaigns. Measure and attribute every channel for better performance and greater ROI. Contact Oban International now and find out how we can help bring the world to you.

Join the dots. Measure your integrated campaigns.