Personalisation on an international level

It takes more than just good service to be noticed by your customers. It’s giving them a personalised touch, which makes a world of difference.

Increase interest and generate sales from your visitors with highly relevant messaging delivered at any point of the buying journey with Oban’s Personalisation programme. Our unique approach to personalisation means we can identify the demographic factors (cultural, geographical, age and gender) and product preferences that fit your customer’s profiles in more than 30 markets. This means your business can respond to customers in real time and provide offers that match your customer’s intent and purchase preferences. If that’s not enough, we can personalise further by integrating with your eCRM and other data platforms. Oban’s Personalisation is insightful digital marketing brought to life. It’s a value-added service to the right person, at the right time, in the right market.

Talk to us about:
Plug and play segmentation – our delivery platform allows us to segment your global visitors into groups by country, city, type of internet device and technology preference.

Semantic intent – match the intent behind your visitors sourced from international Paid Media campaigns. If they’ve come to you via Google, we can help by hooking into your keyword groupings. We can also match product searches to product ranges, brand searches to brand reinforcement messages and spot transactional cues to fast-track visitors to purchase.

Asynchronous identification – Our in-house CRO software, GlobalMaxer, has a unique asynchronous approach to identifying visitors which means we can serve individual content statuses, as well as by inference. New visitor? No problem, we can give them a tailored welcome message. We can also help repeat visitors find what they want on subsequent visits and help them convert second time around. Logged into Facebook? We like this, and so will you.

eCRM integration – GlobalMaxer’s API integrates with most of the main eCRM platforms to hook into your existing customer data.  This means each customer can get a perfectly positioned message based on the information they have already chosen to share with you.

Multiple goals – get a more nuanced view of customer engagement by setting up multiple interaction points. Identify what types of content on the page is preferred by your personalised groups.

Don’t compromise on your customers personal tastes. Give them what they want. In any country. In any language. At any time.