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A successful testing programme is based around an iterative approach of constant improvement. Our primary testing programme is the complete CRO package. We plan tests, build wireframes, mock-up designs, create tests variations, build and set up the experiments,  monitor test data, optimise winners and losers, analyse the data and provide comprehensive reporting before moving on to the next test. Whether you’re running Multivariate or AB tests, applying user segmentation, integrating with eCRM or analytics, driving your visitors offline to a call centre or in store, Oban can provide your customers with a website experience that converts better every time.

Talk to Oban International about our Primary Testing service that offers:

End to end expertise – our fully managed solution is the complete test programme from design concept to uplift. We research test ideas that are likely to provide the most dramatic uplift and monitor and optimise test winners

Powerful testing – we run our experiments on one of the most powerful testing platforms. Our bespoke GlobalMaxer tool easily integrates with your website via a single line of JavaScript. This allows our test design team to quickly and efficiently set up your test. There is no need to get your development team involved, as all design changes are handled by Oban’s conversion experts. Our platform can test on multiple pages simultaneously to get fast results for your business

Real time optimisation – our dashboard presents test data 24/7 365 days a year in real-time. This means we can monitor increases in conversions, revenue, clicks and downloads as they happen. Our sophisticated test analytics also gives us the best information possible on test winners and losers

Self-hosting – for maximum security and delivery speed Oban can host our testing solution behind your own firewall. This means you have maximum confidence in the integrity of your customer’s data, plus the peace of mind of knowing that your test variations will be served at superfast speeds

Flexibility – Oban’s team of conversion experts are experienced in running all types of tests. From Multivariate to AB, AB (n) to “multi-armed bandit” – Oban’s conversion experts have run them all. After identifying your test objectives and traffic, our optimisation team will be able to build the most complete test programme that best suits your business needs

Advanced segmentation – Why cast the net wide when you can get a granular view of your test data? By using Oban’s advanced segmentation modules we can track behaviour of test visitors by city, country, device or referrer. Or for a more advanced testing approach we can also integrate with your eCRM to open up a whole world of additional data

Why wait and take your chances globally? Call Oban International now and find out how we can improve your website’s performance in any market.


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