Truly understand your customers with our international market research

At Oban International, we believe that cultural insight connects people to brands. From language anomalies, cultural differences, loyalties, online preferences to likes and dislikes, it’s an innate understanding of putting your target customer at the heart of your digital strategy. Wherever, they are.

The secret to online success will come down to understanding the linguistic and cultural differences that attract and convert new customers. The journey begins by understanding local market needs, behaviours, competition, trends and many other influencing factors.

Unique customer insights for decision-making with a difference

We truly believe that digital strategy is only as good as the research, ideas and technology behind it. That’s why we’re the only cultural digital marketing agency who has developed our own technology to identify the linguistic and cultural differences that attract and convert new customers. It’s an end-to-end approach for optimum, global impact.

To tackle every challenge requires the most powerful proprietary technologies and you need local market knowledge at your fingertips. In a world awash with data, a deficit of insight is not only a danger to your global success but to your business as a whole.

Oban International’s research and insights solutions identify:

  • How your audience engages with your local website and provides recommendations on how to respond to them
  • Drives the difference between responsive to optimum online performance, worldwide
  • Provides unique cultural insight through powerful proprietary technologies that are exclusive to Oban International only
  • We don’t compromise on your global customer’s personal tastes. Our research and insights solutions can give your customers what they want. In any country. In any language. At any time.

Unlike other agencies, our expertise goes beyond translation; its on-the-ground insight, in-market, in-country. With experts in more than 30 countries worldwide we know that connecting cultures is more than global insight, its deep-rooted local knowledge. Let us remove the risks and reduce the fear of doing business globally. Talk to us about:

Conversion Discovery

Don’t leave your CRO testing to guess work. Our experts have extensive experience in helping some of the world’s leading brands improve their understanding of local web assets. Using Oban’s in-house technology, GlobalMaxer, we research and identify your online capabilities, opportunities and threats to your online brand assets.

Global Research

Looking to enter a new market online? Or do you want to improve performance in an existing market? Whatever the challenge, Oban International, has cross-discipline experts that can unlock your online potential in more than 30 markets worldwide

Think Track

Remove the barriers to success. Our in-house technology, Think Track, will amplify your understanding of how your customers really engage with your international websites and what changes