Improving online visibility in global markets.

The brief

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC (AAM) is an international investment management group, managing assets for institutions and private investors. As a global company with a diverse portfolio of products in each region, AAM wanted an agency that could deliver the right insights for their brand across each of their target markets. The brief? To marry the local search intent of AAM’s customers and improve PPC and then amplify SEO performance in core markets.

We began our work with AAM in March 2012 after a successful pitch for 16 European markets. The initial focus was on PPC and the overall goals for the paid search activity included:

  • Helping AAM to reduce costs
  • Improve the ad and keyword relevance
  • Increase the importance of non-brand terms within the account
  • Build in local search demand for each territory whilst improving conversions

What we did

  • Conduct market research to understand the cultural differences in approaches to investment to inform campaign strategy
  • Bespoke keyword lists built per market based on local search behaviour and AAM’s specific audience targeting criteria
  • Applied Oban’s tried and tested approach to match-type separation for 100% control on spend management
  • New ad messaging development with focus on AAM’s USPs and clear call-to-action (CTA)
  • Improved relevancy of customer searches to ad messaging through negative keyword optimisation, keyword channeling and ad testing
  • Optimisation of campaign investment down to keyword level by striking a balance between visibility and engagement
  • PPC keyword match types studied to focus on conversions
  • Relevant localised keywords implemented to increase conversions across 16 markets
  • Ad copy development to ensure stronger and more focused calls-to-action (CTA)
  • Added negative keywords to the account to help expand opportunity
  • Increased relevancy to each target market
  • Improved quality score of ads to reduce CPCs (costs)

What we achieved

  • With AAM our challenge was to drive their target audience to regional European web properties at a 30% savings in media spend
  • Within six months we saved AAM 60% of its media budget, doubling our original target
  • Cost savings were consistent across all of AAM’s European markets
  • We achieved cost savings through two-pronged approach – reduction in wastage and improvements in key metrics such as CPCs, CTRs and even conversion rates