Driving 39% average traffic increase across 10 markets in 2016 with Oban’s technical SEO

The brief

You have probably walked on an Altro floor or admired an Altro wall in a hotel, school, hospital, factory or leisure centre. The third generation family business is built on values inspired by Bauhaus thinking – a balance of quality, form and design-led function – which encourages a human-centred approach to designing for the demands of 21st century life.

Altro chose Oban International as their SEO partner in 2012. The initial four markets have now grown to 10. We are responsible for originating technical improvements on and off their website. Key activities included tech and link audits, on page optimisation of all sites and monthly reporting. Last year we also planned the migration of the newly acquired to a new Altro domain.

What we did

Improvements were driven through Oban’s network of LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts); helping Altro understand market conditions and user expectations sites in new markets providing high quality localisation for meta content for multiple markets enhancing link and tech audits with link quality assessments and insight into local search engine performance.

Significant gains have been made and sustained each year across markets by addressing the technical bedrock of Altro’s site. Easily overlooked issues can lead to low crawlability and significant traffic loss. For example, last year we identified and fixed specific technical issues causing visibility problems in Australia.

Working closely with the Altro team, Oban provides answers to regional performance questions and ever greater depth in our keyword reporting, driving a 39% year on year average increase in traffic across the 10 markets in 2016.

What we achieved

Key achievements included:

  • 39% YOY average traffic increase across market portfolio in 2016
  • 47% YOY increase in traffic in France, 29% increase in Germany, 18% in the US
  • A myriad of improvements to link health, on page optimisation and analytics and reporting acuity