BBC 100 Women

BBC 100 Women

Our award winning campaign reached an incredible 25 million women globally through social media channels

BBC World Service challenged Oban International to create an international paid digital content campaign to boost visibility of the BBC 100 Women season around the through television broadcasts, live debates, videos and social media content.

The brief from the BBC was unique: change perceptions and alter low awareness of the BBC among women speaking 7 priority languages in locations around the world.

Our objectives were to engage women by promoting a conversation across 28 languages. And increase awareness of the BBC priority languages – English, Arabic, Hindi, Mundo (the BBC’s service for the Spanish-speaking world), Urdu and Afrique to drive 1M visits to BBC sites.

Working closely with the BBC World Service marketing team, we used our experience of precision targeting and media buying efficiencies to create a campaign to complement and amplify localised content in multiple markets.

In order to promote the new Facebook profile for the 100 Women season, we decided to invest in page promotion within Facebook to build an audience and provide reach for organic posts. We chose twitter to drive live conversation to the Live Debates.

Markets covered



In total, our campaign reached an incredible 25 million women globally through social media channels.

On Facebook, we promoted a range of content from interviews with inspirational female entrepreneurs to a young female rapper rapping about underage marriage.

This received:

  • 300,000 post likes

Our aim was to achieve 1m website clicks from women and we have smashed it by 430,000 clicks.