Think-Track™ software from Oban.

Your users. Their engagement. Visualised.

Remove the barriers to success and understand how hard your visitors think and read on your website with Oban International’s Think Track™. Our unique usability tool Think-Track runs lab style tests over the internet without the need for setting up expensive lab tests, It’s specially built interface tracks not only where users look, but how extensively they are engaged with your content. It’s a one stop solution to finding out how your customers behave with your website. A real-time data visualiser that provides insight on where their eyes move, what they read, all the way down to the tiny details like what do they click on. Combine this with helpful user tasks for the most complete out-of-the-box usability testing suite.

We take the hassle out of setting up complex tests. Think Track is simple to apply and each test is managed and run remotely without compromising the validity of your sample size. Oban can provide large statistically robust samples at a fraction of the cost of lab based usability studies. We highly recommend using Think-Track in combination with our Conversion Discovery programme for the most comprehensive usability report available at your fingertips.

Think-Track analytics includes:

Fixation mapping – where users look on the page

– Directional mapping – movement of the eye across the page from heading to paragraph to CTA

– Engagement mapping – where users are most likely to read your content

– Click plotting – where users end up clicking

– Global comparisons – analyse how users in different markets interact with your global template

Understand your customer’s needs. Test their expectations. In any market..